why is it so hard to cancel planet fitness membership

why is it so hard to cancel planet fitness membership

Why is it so hard to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

Canceling a Planet Fitness membership can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Several factors contribute to the difficulty of canceling, including contractual obligations, lack of clear cancellation policies, limited communication channels, hidden fees, and aggressive retention tactics. Let’s delve into these aspects in detail.

Contractual obligations

When signing up for a Planet Fitness membership, individuals often commit to a contract with a specific duration, such as a year or longer. Cancelling before the contract expires can result in penalties or additional fees. These contractual obligations make it challenging for members to terminate their memberships without incurring financial consequences.

Lack of clear cancellation policies

Planet Fitness’s cancellation policies are not always transparent or easily accessible. Some members report difficulty in finding the necessary information to cancel their memberships. The lack of clear guidelines adds to the frustration and confusion when attempting to terminate the membership.

Limited communication channels

Planet Fitness primarily relies on in-person or written communication for membership cancellations. This limited range of communication channels can make it inconvenient for members to cancel, especially if they are unable to visit a physical location or find it challenging to send written correspondence.

Hidden fees

Planet Fitness has been criticized for its hidden fees associated with membership cancellations. Members may be unaware of these fees until they attempt to cancel, adding an unexpected financial burden to the cancellation process.

Aggressive retention tactics

Planet Fitness is known for its aggressive retention tactics, making it difficult for members to cancel. Some individuals report experiencing pressure from staff members to reconsider their decision or being offered alternative membership options instead of a straightforward cancellation.

Difficulties with online cancellation

While Planet Fitness offers an online cancellation option, many members have reported difficulties with this process. Technical glitches, confusing interfaces, or a lack of clear instructions can hinder members from successfully canceling their memberships online.

Long cancellation notice periods

Planet Fitness often requires members to provide a significant notice period before canceling their memberships. This means that even if a member decides to terminate their membership, they may still be required to pay for several additional months before the cancellation takes effect.

why is it so hard to cancel planet fitness membership

Limited customer support

Members who encounter issues or have questions regarding their cancellations may find it challenging to reach Planet Fitness’s customer support. Limited availability or long response times can prolong the cancellation process and lead to frustration.


Canceling a Planet Fitness membership can be a complex and frustrating endeavor due to contractual obligations, unclear policies, limited communication channels, hidden fees, aggressive retention tactics, difficulties with online cancellation, long notice periods, and limited customer support. It is essential for individuals considering joining Planet Fitness to carefully review the terms and conditions before committing to a membership to avoid potential challenges when attempting to cancel.

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