how many earths can fit in the sun

how many earths can fit in the sun

The Size of the Sun

The Sun is an enormous celestial object that has fascinated humans for centuries. It is the center of our solar system and provides us with heat, light, and energy. One of the most intriguing questions about the Sun is how many Earths can fit inside it. Let’s explore this question from various perspectives.

Comparing the Size of the Earth and the Sun

how many earths can fit in the sun

The diameter of the Earth is approximately 12,742 kilometers, while the Sun has a diameter of about 1.4 million kilometers. This means that the Sun is about 109 times larger than the Earth in terms of diameter. To put it in perspective, you could fit about 1.3 million Earths lined up next to each other along the Sun’s equator.

Volume Comparison

When comparing the volume of the Earth and the Sun, the difference is even more staggering. The Earth has a volume of approximately 1 trillion cubic kilometers, while the Sun’s volume is about 1.41 million times larger. This means that you could fit about 1.3 million Earths inside the Sun and still have plenty of room left.

Mass Comparison

The mass of the Sun is about 333,000 times greater than the mass of the Earth. This means that the Sun is so massive that it accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the entire solar system. In terms of weight, if you could place 1.3 million Earths on a giant scale, it would take that many Earths to balance the weight of the Sun.

Surface Area Comparison

The surface area of the Sun is approximately 11,990 times larger than the surface area of the Earth. This means that if you could flatten out the Sun, it would cover an area equivalent to about 11,990 Earths. The Sun’s surface area is so vast that it could fit more than 100 million Earths on its surface.

Gravity Comparison

The Sun’s immense size and mass give it a gravitational pull that keeps all the planets in our solar system in orbit. The gravity on the surface of the Sun is about 28 times stronger than the gravity on Earth. If you were to stand on the surface of the Sun, you would weigh 28 times more than you do on Earth.

The Sun’s Atmosphere

The Sun is not just a solid object; it also has an atmosphere that extends far beyond its visible surface. This atmosphere, known as the corona, is made up of extremely hot plasma and can reach temperatures of over a million degrees Celsius. The corona expands into space and is much larger than the Sun itself. If you were to include the corona in our calculations, even more Earths could fit inside the Sun.


From various perspectives, it is clear that the Sun is significantly larger than the Earth. Its immense size, volume, mass, and surface area make it a truly awe-inspiring celestial object. While it is difficult to imagine the exact number of Earths that can fit inside the Sun, we can conclude that it is a staggering amount, well beyond our comprehension.

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